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promotes social change, solves problems in human relationships empower and liberate people to enhance well being social work profession (IFSW)

Prof. K.N.George (Chairman): An internationally acclaimed professor of Social Work, in the field of social work practice, teaching, and research for more than 55 years. As the Director of Madras School of Social Work, one of the premier social work education institutions in South India , he was the driving force behind taking the institution to its international reputation today. He has been the guiding spirit and a fountain of inspiration for a number of well known social service organisations in India today.

Dr. G. Vijayaram: Expert in Community Development academia as well as development arena. Professor of Social Work at Madras School of Social Work, has produced several Ph.D.s and served as member of various expert panels in the specified area. He has completed a number of sponsored research projects including World Bank assisted projects. He has been instrumental in implementing a number of community development programmes through various organisations he is associated with.

Dr. Rema Saraswathy: Researcher and Consultant in Social Development, has been in the field for 18 years. She has been involved in, and completed more than 30 research projects on behalf of the employed institutions and in individual capacity. Besides, she has successfully implemented various community development projects funded by agencies including European Commission. She has been focussing in water and sanitation issues and has undergone Advanced International Training in Integrated Water Resources Management ( Sweden and Lao PDR ) recently.

Dr (Mrs) Lalitha Nataraj: Dr Lalitha Nataraj is a political economist working in the field for more than 25 years. She has been associated with Consulate of USA, Madras School of Work, Guild of Service (Central) and few other organisations.

Dr. (Mrs) Nalini Rao: Dr Nalini Rao has to her credit about 25 years of experience in the practice and teaching of social work. She is a Member of Social Work Faculty at the Madras School of Social Work. She has contributed significantly to the establishment and growth of a number of development organisations in Tamilnadu as well as other states in south India .

Mr. P. Muniyappan: Post Graduate in Rural Development from Gandhigram Rural University , has been in the field for more than 20 years. His expertise is in the field of rural community development and in working with people. He has been involved in and successfully implemented a number of community development projects funded by agencies including Indian Government, European Commission etc. Before joining ISD he was associated with the Madras School of Social Work, TVS Sundaram Clayton etc.

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