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when water fails, functions of nature cease, you say; thus when rain fails, no men can walk in ‘duty’s ordered way’ Thirukkural 20 (Translation G U Pope)

Current Activities:

1. Community Organisation for Water Governance (COWaG)in selected village panchayats (VPs). The project aims to empower the PRIs, and CBOs for efficient water governance with the participation of all the stakeholders.

2. Watsan week in Middle Schools in Ellapuram Panchayat Union, Thiruvallur district Create awareness among children about the importance of Water and Sanitation.

3. Empowering Water User Associations. Working with Water User Associations in selected Village Panchayats in Thiruvallur district.

4. Working with selected government schools in Ellapuram Panchayat Union, Thiruvallur distict to enhance the quality of education by ensuring the participation of all stakeholders in the development of the school and schooling.

5. Promotion of Sustainable Livelihood Activities, focusing on efficient use of natural and local resources to maintain health and livelihood.

Activities in the Recent Past:

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